Boca de Los Frailes


Finally in 2019, after checking one more time the frames of the films (I usually download twenty thousand for each film) I found the right scene. It is in For a Fistful of Dollars in a horse chase that takes place almost in the dark.

The trick is that I was looking for the white house but, at the time of the film, there was only one ocher yellow brick construction typical of the area. The white house was built later, in front of the old one, and incorporated part of it.

The perspective of our photo is not the right one (the next time here we know what to do) but we can clearly see the old building, the same one that is seen whole in the sequence of the film.

Here below what I wrote in 2017:

It is a village of 50 inhabitants in the Cabo de Gata natural park. I found the indication that this house is seen in a scene from one of Sergio Leone’s films. Scrolling through all the frames I did not find it but perhaps I missed it. As soon as I can reconstruct the matter I will also load the shot of the film.

Coordinates: 36.803604, -2.129354

April 2022. It’s very difficult to find the right angles of this scene because in fact it was filmed close to the hills while the photos are taken from the road. In any case this is the correct area.