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Contreras is a village of 100 inhabitants in the province of Burgos. Here takes place one of the most famous scenes created by Sergio Leone: the final triello of The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

To reach the place, go beyond the village and take the road on the right, following it for several kilometers.

Where there was Sad Hill cemetery there is now a fenced pasture without any trace of the scene from the film.

Coordinates: 41.990685    -3.408659

2017 – Back to Sad Hill

We went back here five years after the first time because I found an article where it was said that a group of passionate volunteers was rebuilding the Sad Hill cemetery (link here). Indeed, whoever organized this initiative, is doing a beautiful job. It can be said that thanks to the reconstruction, the atmosphere is truly exciting. Unfortunately it’s so far otherwise we would definitely do our part. Here are some new photos.