Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Several movies have been shot in Spain. Between these, different scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, direceted in 1989 by Steven Spielberg, with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

Guadix railway station.

In the movie this is Iskenderun railway statio:

Minas de Rodalquilar

Indiana Jones on motorbike and the plane that chases him enter a tunnel. The scene takes place in the Minas de Rodalquilar, in the mining road parallel to the one that goes from Los Albaricoques to Rodalquilar. It can be reached on foot in a half an hour.

This is the interior of the tunnel:

Almeria – Escuela de Arte

Monsul beach at San Josè de Cabo de Gata

The famous scene on the beach in which Sean Connery makes a flock of seagulls fly up and shoot down the plane that is chasing them:

Cabo de Gata – Los Escullos

Other chase scenes take place in the area of San José. This time you have to go to Los Escullos, towards Rodalquilar; when you get to Playa del Arco you take the road to the right that follows the coast for a long dirt track.

In the Ramblas around Tabernas.

Lots of scenes from the movie were shot on the Tabernas Desert. We did not look for the specific places of Indiana Jones but I collected the images taken in the same areas where Sergio Leone’s films were shot.

This mountain is La Sartenilla, omnipresent on the backgrounds of many film shots:

Another mountain often present in the background:

Other frames shot in the Ramblas: