Madrid – La Pesquera



Today La Pesquera is a luxurious restaurant in Madrid (which apparently has bad ratings) located inside the Casa de Campo city park; the former hunting reserve of the Spanish crown is the largest park in the city of Madrid.

Here have been shot some of the scenes from the film For a Fistful of Dollars.

The restaurant is in Calle Ferial 5; to reach it you enter the park following the indication for the restaurant; looking at it from outside, the details of the film are not recognizable since the wall does not seem to be the original one.

The structure built in front of the original building is an almost perfect copy of the Puerta de Bisagra Nueva, a monumental gate built in the 16th century which is part of the walls of the ancient city center of Toledo. Here they are in comparison:

However, if you cross the threshold, you immediately note how the wall visible from the outside actually covered the original one, where you can also find the ancient support that held the lantern that you can see in the film.

In April 2022 I returned here and took many photos of the interior as well (sneaking in through a back entrance). I’ve not found so much; in fact, this whole building has been heavily refurbished and modified.

However I want to insert some new shots. At first the classic view of the outside (the old structure can be discovered between the external wall and the entrances).

The other building visible in the film, or what remains of it, should be in front of the restaurant. This is the most convincing as you can see the arches and the roof:

Then there’s this door that looks a lot like the one you see in the movie:

The stairs inside are almost certainly those of the film; also note the iron structure:

Finally, there are many halls, clearly renovated, which may have hosted other sequences of the film: