Manzanares el Real



It is a town 40 kilometers north of Madrid on the Manzanarre River which forms an artificial lake here, the Embalse de Santillana.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: in La Pedriza, a rocky area behind the town, it takes place the scene in which Biondo captures Tuco for the first time to pocket the reward. There is also a shooting with three other bounty hunters.

But…above all: here the car water pump broke on a Friday evening, the day before the 15th of August. We had to stay in this charming place for four days waiting for the mechanic to open. Now, the place is nice, but to be frank four days are really too many.

However, we will remember for a long time the kindness of the inhabitants, including a girl from Napoli who emigrated here and was married to a native, who helped us in every way to resolve the situation and to spend the endless weekend.

2017 – some more photo one year later

One year later we returned, this time with the new car, we got to La Pedriza by car (holy navigator) and took some new photos.