Nuevo Baztan


Nuevo Baztan, a town of 6,000 inhabitants, is located about 50 kilometers from Madrid. It is an industrial village, a bit like Crespi d’Adda and Collegno in Italy, built from scratch around a glass factory. It has a completely different structure from the typical Spanish architecture of that time, the plan is geometric with straight and orthogonal streets. The houses, all the same or almost the same, housed the factory workers.

It was founded in the first half of the eighteenth century by Juan de Goyeneche y Gaston, a wealthy businessman from Madrid.

In addition to the remarkable baroque church and the Palazzo de Goyeneche, in the village there is a truly beautiful square, completely surrounded by buildings, Plaza de Fiestas, where many films have been shot, especially spaghetti westerns. Unfortunately the square was closed due to reconstruction, so we only took a few photos from the arches leading to the square.

Here are frames of some of the many films shot here:

Sugar Colt – 1966 – director Franco Giraldi

Texas Addio – 1966 – Director Ferdinando Baldi

The Hills Run Red – 1966 – Director Carlo Lizzani

Il Mercenario – 1968 – Director Sergio Corbucci