Roma – ‘Villa Mussolini’


Last summer – 2021 – I came back here with my wife and we took a few more photos, especially the one where you see the villa from behind the gate, shot seen in many films and also one that shows the interior of the surviving stable (below is the original article):

Less well known than other buildings commonly called “Villa Mussolini” (for example the one in Riccione or the one near Predappio), this is a sort of ranch where Benito Mussolini loved to go riding from time to time.

The complex has a circular structure and is composed of the villa and other buildings used as a stable and other activities. The buildings are positioned on a circumference and in the center there is a circular space where evidently you could ride a horse. Of the two arched structures, only one has survived. All the buildings have been perfectly restored.

It is very common, in westerns movies shot in Italy, to find scenes filmed in this place. I came across it so many times that I decided to visit it.

It is located in the eastern Rome area, in via Ardito Desio 60, and is now hosting the Tecnopolo Tiburtino. By pure chance I arrived here on a Sunday morning, finding this place completely deserted. Then I had the opportunity to walk alone and take several photos.

I have collected below some frames taken from Continuavano a Chiamarlo Trinità (1971, directed by E.Barboni with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill) and Los Amigos (1973, directed by Paolo Cavara with Franco Nero and Anthony Quinn). There are many others that maybe I will add later.

Los Amigos – the Villa:

The stable is clearly visible in both films (there were two identical buildings of which only one survives, I think the wrong one compared to the frames of the photos, but still perfectly identical to the one that disappeared):

The typical barriers placed on the perimeter of the structure (Los Amigos):

And finally the gate, on the opposite side of the Villa (Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità):