San Josè & surroundings


In For a Fistful of Dollars, the locations used are less than those used in the following movies. One of these is Cortijo el Sotillo, where several scenes were shot, including the initial one.

Cortijo el Sotillo is located on the road leading to San José de Cabo de Gata; it is on the left side of the road, just before entering the town. Today it is a nice four-star hotel.

The main building which, entering from the street, is on the right is practically the same as in 1964; the one in front has been partially modified but you can still clearly see the large rectangular door and, in the background, a water well.

This scene that takes place inside; to find the room with the fireplace below just enter the main hotel building and look to the left.

Cortijo de los Genoveses

It is on the dirt road that leads from San Jose to the wonderful beaches of Monsul and Los Genoveses (my favorite one).

Before arriving at Playa de los Genoveses you pass near an ancient windmill (Molino del Collado); on the right there is another dirt road that reaches Cortijo de los Genoveses. Sometimes this road is closed by a chain but even on foot you can get there in five minutes.

The road to the beaches in summer works like this: arriving early in the morning you can go by car paying a daily ticket of 5 euros; when the maximum number of cars is reached, access is prohibited and you must take a shuttle bus that goes back and forth all day between the various beaches and the town of San Josè.

Historical note: the Republic of Genova conquered Almeria in 1147-48; the Genoese fleet landed at the Playa de los Genoveses.

Here two scenes of For a Few Dollars More were filmed.

The first: Monco makes Sancho Perez, member of the Indio gang, escape from the prison of Alamogordo:

The second: a shooting in Aguas Calientes, just before the final duel:

Las Amoladeras

2021: I had them at home and I didn’t notice! the right photos, the ones where you can see the three-peaks profile of the Sierra de Cabo de Gata. I had photographed them on one of our previous trips, not looking for film shots. This profile is present in many films, sometimes very close, sometimes far away, almost always together with the view of the sand dunes. here they are:

In this area takes place the scene of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in which Tuco and the Good cross the desert.

The desert no longer exists and a big part of this area is now covered with plastic greenhouses. I tried to find some shots by orienting myself with the profiles of the surrounding mountains, but it is necessary to work on it a bit more.

In Las Amoladeras there is also the Centro de Visitantes for those who want information on the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

It is located on the road from Almeria to Cabo de Gata and San Josè.

n 2017 we made some new shots. Indeed, the area has radically changed, much of the flat area is covered with plastic greenhouses and sandy areas are often covered with the typical vegetation of arid areas.

You can still recognize the profile of the mountains in the distance. I believe that more than that cannot be done.